Big Bite: Strowlers – Episode One Reaction Post

Image Logo for the first episode of Strowlers. 'Strowlers' is written in a custom font and centered. The protagonist of the episode, Whit, stands front and center, looking at the camera. She is a young dark-skinned with curly shoulder-length hair, holding open a book. Wind and leaves burst from the pages of the book.


Welcome to this Big Bite! This post is going to be on the longer end of what I usually post. This is going to be a spoiler-full reaction post. If you want a spoiler-free introduction, go here. But ultimately I recommend this if you want to watch an urban fantasy TV show that can cover real world topics with empathy and fantasy elements, but ultimately does not leave you emotionally drained.

Also this show is free to watch on The Fantasy Network, available worldwide! No need to spoil yourself if you don’t want to!

Since this is free to watch, I’m not going to do a full plot recap or anything. Just my off the cuff reactions.

Image Logo for the first episode of Strowlers. ‘Strowlers’ is written in a custom font and centered. The protagonist of the episode, Whit, stands front and center, looking at the camera. She is a young dark-skinned with curly shoulder-length hair, holding open a book. Wind and leaves burst from the pages of the book.

“Pilot” (Seattle, USA)

When Whit’s favorite fantasy book explodes into reality-summoning government forces intent on repressing all non-sanctioned magic-she is thrust into a world where underground magic users fight for their right to exist, where children with powers are torn from their families, and where her girlfriend’s research threatens to throw the entire system into chaos.

-Synopsis from Amazon Prime, Image from The Fantasy Network

Animated gif of Winnie the Pooh excitedly putting on a napkin and holding utensils in preparation of a delicious meal.

Are you ready for this deliciousness?! I am! 😍



Quick Bite: An Introduction to Strowlers

Header image for Strowlers: A Shared World. Features the image of a fake tarot card called The Storyteller.
Image from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

My Fannish Thoughts

Welcome to this Quick Bite about Strowlers. This is going to be a spoiler-free resource post to introduce people to the series and to collect important links/media. I’ll cover each episode and my reactions in subsequent posts.

So I watched the first episode of this TV show on Amazon Prime and wow! I was blown away. For the first time in a decade I was excited enough to want a fandom of something. I loved it that much. 😍

This show is, as of now, completely FREE to watch on The Fantasy Network!

A Tweet Chain That Took the Words Out of My Mouth

I embedded the Tweet chain in, but I’m not sure how well this works for everyone. If the above for you did not work, here is the Twitter link to the original Tweet.

General Information

The Synopsis

Magic has returned to the modern world and nothing will be the same again. In response, the United States Department of Arcanology has tasked government magic users to collar and train everyone with talent…but on the fringes of society, the Strowlers believe that magic is for everyone. From Mongolia to Ireland, the Resistance begins. – Strowlers is a shared cinematic universe. Tell your story!

Director: Ben Dobyns, Gabriel Gonda
Starring: Tanesha Ross, Trin Miller, Erwin Galan
Subtitles: English [CC]
Audio Languages: English

Information taken from the Amazon Prime page

So overall this is an Urban Fantasy mixing SciFi-ish government control plots with Fantasy fairytales/storytelling motifs. Its as awesome as it sounds, especially if you are the bookish sort (like me). 🤓

What is A Shared World?

STROWLERS invites you to Tell Your Story! A shared cinematic universe with an open license, this modern world urban fantasy explores the adventures of the people creating culture and surviving on the fringes.
Because who better to experience the magic and danger of a magical world hiding just beyond our perception than the people who are already paying attention?

Released under a license similar to Creative Commons, the heart of STROWLERS is an open wiki containing a brief history of the world, the rules for how the world works, and a style guide. Fans and professionals alike are invited to create and distribute short films, novels, plays, and art set in the world.

View the entire license at, then start telling your story!

Information taken from

Meaning your fan works can ascend to canon! 😲

What are Strowlers?

Image taken from
It Reads:
About Strowlers
Tell your story. Change the world.

STROWLERS are the misfits, outcasts, artists, and activists who exist on the magical fringes of modern society. The show is a shared cinematic universe where everyone is invited to tell their story... and where you are empowered to renew the show and keep the story alive!
Taken from

There is additional information on the official site, so please take a look if you want to know more. I didn’t want to retype it all to be honest. 😅

A General Link Round Up of Strowlers Stuff

[SPS] Strowlers is a modern scifi/fantasy series that YOU can contribute to.

Hello friends!

You’ve discovered Strowlers, an urban fantasy series where magic is for everyone, not just “Hollywood” protagonists…and where you can tell YOUR stories!

• The first three episodes are now online—watch on Amazon Prime (US/UK) and The Fantasy Network (worldwide)

• Strowlers is an open world—learn more at and contribute to the wiki at

• You can create (and give away or sell!) your own Strowlers stories—learn more at

• Strowlers is available for digital download (always DRM-free) at

• Strowlers is fan-supported—sign up to help greenlight our next episodes at

• The Strowlers World Bible is available at DriveThruRPG—pay what you can at

Taken from u/lgonda’s post in r/scifi

Also there is a novelization of the first episode in the works on Archive of Our Own! The first few chapters are already available. This is definitely in my TBR!

For additional information on the premise, the creators, the actors, the companies behind the scene, etc I will leave this post link from Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, the company behind it all.

I also found a solid review by Alan Ng on Film Threat. This tackles the first episode and can give you a better idea if this show is for you.


The Strowlers 2017 Trailer

The Strowlers 2018 Trailer

Burn Me Out (Songs from the World of Strowlers) by S. J. Tucker

Are you watching Strowlers? Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping at this Quick Bite, hope to see you again!


Big Bite: Watching Anime as of 1.15.19

Welcome to this Big Bite, this post is going to be longer. Today I’m taking on the anime I’ve watched from the start of the winter anime season to now. I’m not going to try to spoil everything, but its difficult to talk about first episodes without spoiling a few things…

Today I’ll be tackling:

  • Mob Psycho 100 II: Episodes 1 & 2
  • Karakuri Circus: Episodes 9-13
  • Endro~!: Episode 1
  • Boogiepop and Others: Episodes 1 – 3
  • Release the Spyce: Episodes 1 – 8

All summaries are taken from Wikipedia.

Mob Psycho 100 II: Episodes 1 & 2

The logo for Mob Psycho 100 II. Its a surreal image of a sphere world populated with buildings and items from the series.Shigeo Kageyama is an average middle school boy, nicknamed Mob for lacking a sense of presence. Although he looks like an inconspicuous person, he is in fact a powerful esper. As he grows older, Mob realizes that his psychic powers are strengthening and becoming more dangerous. To avoid his power getting out of control, he constantly lives a life under an emotional shackle. Mob wants to live a normal life just like the others, but a barrage of trouble keeps coming after him. With the suppressed emotions growing inside Mob little by little, his power threatens to break through its limits.

Despite my high expectations, somehow the first episode manages to knock it out of the park even more than I expected.

Not only is the art wonderful, its incredibly creative.

So much set up and character development (by Mob) occurred and I’m still thinking about it and wondering how things will continue. In one episode Mob Psycho did more with romance than entire book series, TV shows and other anime. And it didn’t feel rushed! Its jaw-dropping.

Episode two exists to remind us that Mob Psycho also has comedic and action elements. It wasn’t a bad episode and went by quickly, but I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to Mob and that girl…

I’m trying to reign in my expectations a bit as this happened with season 1 for me. I loved the first few episodes, but then my enjoyment diminished. Not that I disliked the show but the strong start overshadowed the rest of the show for me.

However I am failing to reign much in. I am definitely continuing with this one.


Big Bite – DNF – Dragon School Serial by Sarah K. L. Wilson

This is a Big Bite about a Kindle Unlimited serial called Dragon School that I did not finish. This post is a bit longer than my Quick Bites. Hope you have a few minutes!

There will be some minor spoilers for the first few books as its really hard to talk about the series without doing so. However, I’ll put anything important under white text and warn you.


A disabled teen, an empathetic dragon, and a bond that will save the world.

A new story from USA Today Bestselling author, Sarah K. L. Wilson

Sixteen-year-old Amel arrived at Dragon School just like everyone else – with a dream to ride dragons and join the Dominion Dragon Riders.
But Amel has a crippled leg and Dragon School training is grueling. Before she can even become an initiate, she must complete her First Flight on a dragon.
Can Amel survive First Flight and become a Dragon School initiate or will her dreams dash on the rocks below?

Fans of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Riders of Pern and Christopher Paolini’s Eragon will love Dragon School.

FIRST FLIGHT is episode one of Dragon School. Expect a new episode every eighteen days!

Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

-Image & Synopsis from Amazon

Completion Percentage: 50% of the series (10 books)

What is this: Dragon School is a serial of 20 short length books. Although you can pay for each book separately, the better deal is to binge read this on Kindle Unlimited. Considering how short each book is and if you are a quick reader it won’t take long. Also the series is now complete so you don’t have to wait for additional parts.

The story is a YA dark fantasy where a young teen girl (Amel) has a mobility disability and must navigate an unsympathetic world and bond with a dragon. Quickly the story escalates to an epic scale and Amel must step up despite her minimal schooling. There is light hetero romance and even a beta hetero romance.

Would you like this: The young and young at heart will likely enjoy this. Especially those looking for an epic fantasy heroine with mobility issues (I can’t remember too many off the top of my head).

Dragon School is better written than most serials. While yes the endings are cliffhangers, enough happens in each story that it feels satisfying enough. The books are short, but packed with a lot of world-building and a fair amount of characters/characterization. This results in a fast paced story that doesn’t waste your time. Also I thought the world itself was quite interesting. Different enough from your typical medieval fantasy to feel distinct, yet familiar enough that it won’t turn off casual readers.

A note on content warnings, Dragon School is on the darker edge of exploring a disabled girl in a medievalish setting. Accessibility isn’t really a thing, people will insult Amel (although they are generally bad characters), Amel will have to find her own solutions to problems, etc. This can both appeal and not appeal depending on what you are looking for so I figured I would throw this out there.


Big Bite: Karakuri Circus – Episodes 5-8 Reactions

Hi all, welcome to this Big Bite of Episodes 5-8 of Karakuri Circus. If you don’t know what that is, you may want to start on my first post regarding this anime. I don’t think I will be bundling this many episodes at a time, after this post. I binge watched the first 8 episodes as I was behind but now am current!

I steal take the episode synopsis from Wikipedia and focus on my reactions to each episode. Expect spoilers ahead. Here we go!


Big Bite: Karakuri Circus – Overview and Episodes 1-4 Reactions

Hi all, welcome to this Big Bite of an anime called Karakuri Circus! Here I will do a quick thoughts and impressions on an episode by episode basis, up to episode 4. Here we go!

Karakuri Circus logo from Amazon Prime
Image from Amazon

 The story centers around three main characters, Masaru Saiga, Narumi Kato, and Shirogane and combines the settings of a circus, alchemy, and karakuri puppets into one story filled with mystery and action.

The story starts when Masaru’s father dies and leaves 18 billion yen of inheritance solely to him. His siblings (all from different mothers) and his uncle set out to either kill or abduct Masaru to make all the money their own. By coincidence, Narumi ends up rescuing Masaru with help from Shirogane.

As each episode progresses, a 200-year-old tragedy is uncovered and the mystery of the origin of the Shirogane, Automatons, and the Zonapha syndrome[ unfolds.

Information from Wikipedia

So, I watched the first 8 episodes in one day. I really liked this one! Its fast paced, has an odd sense of humor that comes around to being funny, a bit of fan service for everyone, and excellent characterization. While I was drawn in with the circus and puppet motifs, I wasn’t expecting to like this show that much.

Since Wikipedia kindly has summaries for each episode I’ll copy and paste each one and just focus on my reactions. So spoilers ahead.

Also note that all of the following images are from the Fan Wiki.


Quick Bite: Dragon Physician Chapter 2 by Joyce Chng

Welcome to Quick Bites, my tiny thoughts on shorter content. This time I’m commenting on a currently ongoing serial by Joyce Chng on an app called Radish called Dragon Physician (link).

The below are my spoiler free thoughts from a previous post in case you’re not sure what this is:

dp2I love Joyce Chng’s YA stuff and this hits me in all the right spots. Its Chinese dragon taming staring a young male protagonist in a field dominated by women. Only one chapter is out but its a promising start with hints of world building and dragon lore. Its nice as I recently dropped another serial series involving taming dragons (I might write more on that later).

Now that I am past Chapter 1 I might talk about spoilers for that chapter.